SAOG represents the Surface Science and Thin Films Community of Switzerland.

The SAOG group’s primary function is to organize the annual SAOG Meeting, a one-day symposium that focuses on the latest advancements in the fields of surface, interface, and nanoscale sciences.
Our meeting features a lineup of distinguished invited speakers (including four Nobel laureates to date) and contributed oral and poster presentations by up-and-coming researchers in the field.

In addition to the oral presentations, attendees can look forward to special highlights such as an exhibition by manufacturers of technical equipment and a poster session during lunch and coffee breaks. These activities provide valuable opportunities for participants to connect with industry professionals and fellow researchers, creating a dynamic atmosphere for learning and collaboration.

Join us at the SAOG Meeting to stay informed on the cutting-edge research and technology in surface, interface, and nanoscale sciences. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Organizing Committee

Karl-Heinz Ernst

SAOG President

Pierre Brodard

heia fribourg

Thomas Bürgi

U Genéve

Pierangelo Gröning


Marcella Iannuzzi

U zürich

Lucio Isa

Eth zürich

Paul Muralt

epf lausanne

Zbynek Novotny


Greta Patzke

U zürich

Nicholas D. Spencer

eth zürich

Heiko Wolf

ibm rüschlikon

Past Meetings

DateEd.TopicInvited SpeakersPoster Prize
3.2.202337The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresH. Riel, P. Jelinek, J. Stähler, B. Palmer

1st: C. A. Marques
2nd: N. Merino-Diez

 Cancelled due to COVID 


31.1.2021 Cancelled due to COVID  
30.1.202036The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresS. Ceyer, A. Kühnle, M. Aeschlimann, E. Benetti 
31.1.201935The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresBen Feringa, K. Domke, G. Dietler, A. Knoll1st: S. Fatayer
2nd: S. Siol
1.2.201834The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresU. Diebold, C. Coperet, N. Scherrer, U. Meierhenrich1st: A. Mairena
2nd: C. Schwemmer
31.1.201733The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresJ. Sauer, L. Gross, J. Vörös, H.-P. Steinrück1st: M. Di Giovannantonio
2nd: N. Pavliček
22.1.201632The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresJ. Matsuo, M. Bonn, T. Jung, A. Hagfeldt 
23.1.201531The Science of Surfaces, Interfaces and NanostructuresM. Salmeron, M. Kovalenko, A. Wodtke, R. Garcia 
25.1.201430Evolution of Surface Science and Technologies – 30 Years of SAOGSir R. Friend, N. Seeman, W.-D. Schneider, C. Wöll, A. Gölzhäuser, J. Stroscio 
25.1.201329Biomolecules and SurfacesM. Krishnan, S. Herminghaus, R. Zenobi, F. Stellacci 
27.1.201228Probing the NanoscaleJ. Frenken, C. Gerber, U. Dürig, S. Pennycook 
28.1.201127Interfacial Science in Energy ConversionK. Wandelt, F. Nüesch, P. Novak, F. B. Prinz 
23.1.201026Spintronics and Photonics at Surfaces and InterfacesAlbert Fert, G.-L. Bona, B. Pettinger, C. Renner 
23. 1. 20092525 Years of Surface Science and SAOGF. Besenbacher, H.-J. Freund, Y.-R. Shen, R. Hofmann, A. Baiker, L. Addadi, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, D. Bürgler 
25. 1. 200824Liquid Meets SolidM. Grunze, M. Heuberger, S. Jarvis, J. A. Hubbell 
25. 1. 200723Controlled Growth of Surface NanostructuresG. A. Somorjai, H. H. Brongersma, M. Kappes, L. Samuelson 
20. 1. 200622Functional Surfaces and InterfacesN. Bühler, G. Schmid, S. Weiner, M. Grätzel 
21. 1. 200521Advanced Nano Probe TechniquesV. Vogel, E. Bauer, H. Brune, H. J. Hug 
23.1.200420New Trends in Surface ScienceGerhard Ertl, R. Beck, M.R. Wertheimer, H. Fuchs 
24.1.200319Recent Advances in Applied Surface SpectroscopiesA. Benninghoven, D. Briggs, J. Osterwalder, K.-H. Rieder 
24.1.200218Hard Coatings – Recent Developments of Various Processes and ApplicationsE. Menthe, M. Loch, M. Berger, J. Patscheider 
25.1.200117Self Assembly on Surfaces – Molecular ArchitectureK. Müllen, R. Steiger, H. Vogel, M. Textor 
27.1.200016Surface Modification for Nano Process TechnologyJ. Gobrecht, F. Marquis-Weible, U. T. Dürig, A. Perret 
28.1.199915Thin Films and CoatingsJ.-M. Dubois, J. T. Grant, R. Hauert, C. Hollenstein 
22.1.199814Imaging and Characterization of SurfacesN. D. Spencer, E. Meyer, D. Pohl, B. Hagenhoff 
23.1.199713New Developments in Surface EngineeringDaniel Shechtman, R. G. Nuzzo, J. V. Wood, P. Barboux 
25.1.199612NanotribologyI. Hutchins, E. Meyer, J.-M. Georges, O. Marti 
19.1.199511Surface Engineering and Analysis of Biocompatible MaterialsB. Kasemo, P. Aebischer, M. Windler, P. Descouts 
27.1.199410Functional surfacesH. Oechsner, Y. Segui, N.D. Spencer 
28.1.19939Polymer Surfaces and Optical MethodsT. M. Duc, K. J. Rüegg, P. Brüesch, T. Q. Nguyen 
23.1.19928Thin Films, Ceramics and OpticsJ.-E. Sundgren, N. Setter, F. Lévy 
24.1.19917Surface Physics in Switzerland: Instrumentation and ApplicationsM. P. Seah 
25.1.19906New Developments in High Resolution Microscopy and SpectroscopyD. Pohl, R. v. Criegern 
26.1.19895CeramicsJ. Novotny, J.F. Watts 
27.1.19884Deposition / Plasma Interaction – Ion ImplantationE. Bergmann, J. C. Vickerman, J. Weber 
28.1.19873Electron-Optical MethodsH. Seiler, A. Bourret 
29.1.19862UHV-Bound and Optical (non-UHV) Surface Analysis MethodsL. Schlapbach, P. Brüesch, M. Hof 
16.1.19851Surface and Interface AnalysisH. J. Güntherodt, H. J. Mathieu, H. W. Werner